Themba is a dynamic music producer/DJ, raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. His love for music started at a young age, and after years of dedication, he has established himself as an artist in the industry.

With five years of experience as a music producer/DJ, Themba’s genre-defying sound incorporates elements of house, hip hop, dance, and pop. His innate talent for music production, combined with his skills in Logic Pro, enables him to create great music whilst showing others the capabilities to do so. As a DJ, Themba has played at many events across the world, including Mexico City, Cape Town, San Diego, and New York. Themba has also worked with various artists, assisting with production or serving as the sole producer for their works. He is passionate about helping others learn how to make music, and his vast knowledge of music production makes him an excellent mentor. With a bright future ahead, Themba is set to continue his rise in the music industry. His mission is to use his talents to inspire and impact the lives of people through his music.